2129 Shattuck

A Mixed-Use Hotel High-rise in Downtown Berkeley

Looking East Along Center Street

2129 Shattuck is a mixed-use hotel high-rise project that will bring economic vitality, architectural excellence, a vibrant street scene, and numerous community benefits to Berkeley.

Located at the corner of Shattuck and Center Street, the project reflects the culture and spirit of Berkeley's vibrant downtown. The project has the potential to become an architectural icon as seen at the scale and as part of Berkeley’s skyline. It will reinforce downtown as a sustainable transit community and center for innovation.

An 'initial submittal' has been made to the City of Berkeley, and can be downloaded here.

3MB PDF file

Supplemental materials regarding the proposed building mass have also been prepared, and can be downloaded here.

4MB PDF file

Looking East Along Center Street

The 284,000 square foot project will replace the suburban-style Berkeley Main Branch of the Bank of America with a 16-story world-class building containing:

  • a high-rise hotel (293 rooms on floors 5-16),
  • mid-level office space (floors 2-4), and
  • ground-floor commercial with bank facilities and meeting rooms.

A low-rise retail building will be built on Center Street and be used by the Bank during construction of the high-rise project. When the 180-foot high rise is completed, the Bank will move to the corner of Shattuck and Center, and the low-rise building will remain as a retail/restaurant building that complements the adjoining Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive. During construction, bank parking will be located temporarily on UC Berkeley’s parking lot on Addison Street, with pedestrian access to the Bank via a covered walkway

Center Street Looking West

2129 Shattuck implements Berkeley's award-winning Downtown Area Plan and Climate Action Plan by delivering:

  • a hotel in downtown’s Core Area to strengthen it as a visitor destination,
  • new office space to serve growing downtown businesses and private-sector spin-offs from UC Berkeley,
  • enhanced streets that favor pedestrians and make inviting urban places,
  • continuity with downtown’s historic ground-floor storefronts and building streetwalls,
  • high-intensity high-rise development close to BART and in downtown’s Core Area,
  • LEED Gold environmental building performance, and
  • financial support for affordable housing, day care, street improvements, and transit, as well as much needed “hotel taxes” for the City.

Gateway to East Shattuck Square

To bring this proposal forward, the developer, Center Street Partners, LLC, has an agreement with Bank of America to pursue redevelopment of the site, and is working closely with a major international hotelier to operate the hotel. Center Street Partners, LLC, is owned by Jim Didion, a private investor/developer from Central California and graduate from UC Berkeley. He is supported by a respected team of professionals, which includes JRDV Architects, Taecker Planning & Design, SWA landscape architects, Tipping Mar structural engineers, BKF Engineering, CB Engineers, EBS Consulting, Manatt, LLP, and Suffolk Construction.

An "initial submittal" was made on December 20, 2013, to commence the entitlement process. The project will be reviewed, and environmental analysis will be conducted, throughout 2014. In early 2014, the project will be presented at public meetings and a public open house to give community members with more information and an opportunity for feedback.
Please check back regularly for project updates.

Questions and comments are welcome at any time, and can be sent to the project’s community liaison, Matt Taecker, by emailing matt@2129shattuck.com or by calling Matt at 510-333-9231.

Ground Floor Plan